Causal Factor of Mesothelioma Cancer

It needs to be understood in more detail about what can cause mesothelioma cancer. We as a healthy human being, it is appropriate to prevent even if you can minimize the things that cause mesothelioma. Mesothelioma prevention or prevention needs to be done quickly and thoroughly, so that victims who are attacked by this cancer. mesotheolioma cancer Initially it was caused by a mutation of genetic cell cells whose growth was out of control and more and more doubled. Nevertheless the experts do not know exactly what factors are the cause of this cell mutation. Experts argue that unhealthy lifestyle, as well as heredity and the environment can be one of the factors that trigger cancer.

Although the main cause of mesothelioma cancer can not be ascertained, but the risk that causes cancer is increasingly malignant is asbestos. Lately, most people with mesothelioma disease are often found in environments that contain high asbestos minerals. Asbestos itself is a mineral used as the main ingredient in the manufacture of glue, pralon, adhesive, roof of the house, and so forth. Such materials should be avoided in order to minimize cell mutation of mesothelioma cells.

The following is the chronology of the cause of mesothelioma disease. At first the dust from asbestos is little by little inhaled the longer it will accumulate in the lungs or can also in the stomach. Over a considerable period of time about 30-50 years later it was then that the mesothelium cell cells mutated and uncontrolled and eventually led to chronic mesothelioma cancer.