Symptoms of mesothelioma

Mesotelioma is a disease of the lung cancer very berbaya to the human body. This cancer usually marked with some of the symptoms that appear in sufferers. Basically each phase of growth of cancer is also different in degree. To that end, knowing the symptoms of PMS sufferers of mesothelioma is very important so that we can all find out at the same time be able to take appropriate action to overcome a malignant cancer.

Mesothelioma Cancer Symptoms:

Mesothelioma is typically characterized by the following symptoms:
Cough with a sense of a very ill
The breath becomes short because a lot of fluid that accumulates in the chest
Growing unusual lump on chest
Weight getting down drastically
Often feel exhausted even though do not do heavy work
Usually accompanied by high fever and sweats particularly at night
Fingertips is getting bloated
There is severe pain that feels didada under the rib cage
While the symptoms of PMS sufferers of peritoneal mesotheolioma usually:
Painful especially around the stomach
Strange lumps appeared on the stomach area
The belly is getting bloated
Weight getting down
Diseases of diarrhea or constipation in sufferers.
In addition, many of the symptoms are still basically caused disease mesothelioma, and needs to be done when you find such symptoms, you should immediately see a doctor or check to be done diagnisis disease mesothelioma. If the stride is quick and penangannya is also right, then can overcome mesothelioma without having to wait until the disease is becoming increasingly severe.